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About us

STB Isotope Germany GmbH was established August 1999 in Hamburg.

We can offer you:

  • High quality standards and highest available enrichments of all products
  • Best possible price-performance ratio
  • Extensive service extras
  • Precise and careful processing of all enquiries – regardless of the contract volume

Highest quality standards

In order to fulfill quality requirements of our customers, we are proud to say that since the establishment of STB Isotope Germany GmbH in the year 1999 there has not been a single complaint in regard of the quality of our products. Also in the future we are striving to comply with this guideline.

Please contact us for further information and references.

Our products


STB ISOTOPE Germany GmbH was founded in August 1999.

The Russian Research Center “Kurchatov Institut”, based in Moscow, was the pioneer of Russian isotope separation technologies and production methods within the former Soviet Union. Today, “Kurchatov Institute” continues to develop new refinements to isotope separation processes. “Kurchatov Institute” houses technology for all isotope separation methods.

Working in close co-operation with RRC “Kurchatov Institute” and other large Russian isotope production facilities, today we are distributing a broad range of stable isotopes with the exception of certain light elements (H-Ne). This has allowed us significant growth and, more importantly, the ability to promptly fulfill large-volume orders.

Due to the advanced Russian manufacturing technologies, we offer today our customers isotopes of the highest enrichment possible at very competitive prices. Our experienced staff is complete with senior chemists who focus on strict quality control. In addition, our staff is dedicated to providing rapid response to all customer inquiries.

Today we are counting among our customers for stable isotopes many of the world’s largest users in the fields of academic research and nuclear medicine, including radiology and oncology centers.